Would you Like to Lose Weight, Increase Your Energy and Tone Up over the Next 90 Days?? 

FitBrideFormula specialises in helping Brides to Be prepare for their Wedding Day through a Mix of Effective Workout Plans (Metabolic Resistance Training), Healthy Meal Plans (once you join we want you to never need to buy another cookbook again!),  Building Long-Term and sustainable Healthy Habits and developing a Community of Like Minded Brides to be who all want to look AMAZING on their Wedding Day. 

Weight Loss is an area we are hugely passionate about and one in which we love to get results. The type of people we love working with are those who really want to work within our structures and push forward to getting those results with us. 

Would some of the following describe you at times?? 

  • Your concerned about walking up the Aisle in less than your best shape? Even weary of Dress Shopping? 
  • You are overwhelmed about the abundance of information on Health and Fitness out there?
  • Your time poor and are afraid that you just won't be able to fit it all in? 
  • You have tried getting into shape before but just haven't been able to make it work? 
  • You want to eat healthily but don't want to invest the time and effort into building up your cooking knowledge base? 
  • Your Confidence is not where it should be? 

Do You Want:

  • To know where you are going wrong with your Fitness and Nutrition and how to start putting it right? 
  • To be confident in what you are doing throughout your exercise regime? 
  • To know that you are headed in the right direction to look absolutely amazing for your Wedding Day? 

What To Do Next?

If you are SERIOUS about getting into phenomenal shape for your wedding day, are willing to work hard to do so and want some help to get you there, click below to apply for your Free Strategy Session where FitBrideFormula Owner Shane McShea will go through your current health and fitness habits with you in detail and help set you up for Fitness Success. This could be the decision to help you get into your best shape ever for your wedding day.